Our story begins with SEO in the Spring of 2008 when the way SEO was done had a lot to do with publishing articles in directories around the internet and this was seen by Google as an acceptable way of producing great content and at the same time getting the all important backlinks or inbound links for your website.

The more you did this, the better your rankings would become. Today this once White Hat SEO technique is frowned upon by Google and is considered a black hat technique. Interestingly at that time in 2008 only SEO methods that were either illegal (hacking or cracking), immoral or unethical were deemed to be black hat.

A lot has changed since then and essentially any kind of rank modifying attempts that website owners, webmasters or business owners do that are intentionally deemed to be unacceptable by Google are now labelled  rather confusingly black hat. It is no surprise that with all the Google crackdowns on SEO link building practices and the subsequent flow of new customers to their Google Adwords or paid advertising channel that their profits have skyrocketed.

CallUPNow = Helium SEO + 9 Seconds

Google are very heavy handed if you get the back link process wrong and it is now much more difficult and time consuming to set up your SEO to it’s best long term effects for your websites, whether it be a new domain or an aged authority site.

Being able to work SEO to your business’ advantage is and always will be a major traffic generator that you need to pursue, that is as long as Google remains the top dog in the search engine game.

Today we have spread our offering to the business community to encompass a larger range of search marketing techniques, Lead Generation, Facebook Marketing – but all our efforts are backed by years of experience – what works and work doesn’t. This is not something a “johnny come lately” popup agency can muster. So CallUPNow in conjuction with the teams at HeliumSEO  and 9seconds have you covered for all your web traffic needs.